Tol'Calm is the main city of The Kingdom of Kaliron: Eastern Region, and thus this place is where the heroes starts their journey into the big world full of evilness. When creating a new hero the first place you will be going to is the Vormur Forest which is right outside the west gates of the city. But before going out to the wild forest you would want to talk to some people who are standing inside the Tol'Calm's walls in order to get some quests which will help you to level up faster through experience and gold rewards.

Quests that can be found in Tol'Calm:Edit

[1] The Village Elder

[2] The Vormur Temple

[2] First Class Mail

[2] Restoring the Portal

[2] Knock Knock

[3] Save My Baby!

[3] The Gnoll Threat

[6] Wanted: Krix

[6] Radiation Poisoning

[6] My Expensive Equipment

[7] I've Been Poisoned and I Can't Get Up