Sparkcorpse is one of the four elemental zombies mini-bosses found inside and outside the Vormur Catacombs.




Base Health


Base Damage

61 - 65

Base Attack Speed




These are Firecorpse, Sparkcorpse, Frostcorpse and Vilecorpse (in the order you encounter them).


Lightning Aura - A damaging aura that cannot be evaded in any way.

Sparks - Shoots a high damaging and stunning spark at every player. The spark has a low movespeed but is homing and follows the player. The sparks doesnt have a specific target they can hit, so you have to watch out for the sparks following your teammates. Has a 2 second cast time to give the players enough time to react and move away.

Item DropsEdit

Sparkcorpse drops four magic-rarity items which are level 8.


There are several strategies that can be used to defeat Sparkcorpse, but here are two, one of them is the most efficient way to do it (Clockwise Rotation Strategy) and the other one is for those who doesn't have as good teamplay (Corner Zerg Strategy).

Clockwise Rotation StrategyEdit

This strategy requires a lot of teamplay to fulfill, but it also the most efficient way to defeat Sparkcorpse. The tank will have to stand in the middle of the room and keep attacking sparkcorpse, while the healers and the damage dealers stand in a circle around him. When Sparkcorpse then uses Sparks, the healers and damage dealers will run in a circle around Sparkcorpse untill it stops following them.

Clockwise Strategy

Corner Zerg StrategyEdit


Corner Zerg Strategy

This strategy requires the tank to stand in the corner, while the healers and damage dealers stand spread out in the room. When Sparkcorpse uses his Sparks ability the healers and damage dealers just run around the room trying to dodge the sparks coming at them.

Quests involved inEdit

[13] The Vormur Corruption