Final enemy found at the end of the Temple of Sanctity.

Little is know about him, reaching him through the trials of the town before him without a quest to kill him.

Lord Naztar



Base Health


Base Damage


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Boss FightEdit

Lord Naztar has four abilities:

Clone Beam: Lord Naztar targets all players in the room, after a few seconds a random player will be cloned. This clone can not be killed/taunted/interacted with. The clone retains base stats and abilities of the player being cloned leading to different strategies depending on who got cloned. Tanks should try and move close towards the clone who will attack the closest enemy.

Mana Shield: The shield (will double check exact numbers later) upon being attacked will deal 35% of damage dealt back to all players in the room.

Destroy clones: The clones seem to explode if close to players and anything damages the boss when he has Mana Shield up.

Strange Link: Make strange blue link from the boss to every players in the area which explode in 2-5 seconds and damage for X% the player.


Quests involved inEdit