Final enemy found at the end of the Tol'Calm Caves. She's the first true boss of the game, meant to be an introduction for the harder boss fights ahead.




Base Health


Base Damage

23 - 27

Base Attack Speed




Boss FightEdit

Phase 1Edit

In this phase, the Broodmother has three abilities:

Acid Ball: The Broodmother spits poison at enemies in a cone in front of her, leaving a debuff that deals damage over time.

Web Spray: Sprays enemies in front of her with web, causing them to take damage and be rooted to the ground.

Lay Eggs: Every 35 seconds, the Broodmother lays 8 eggs around her nest, becoming invulnerable and out of sight, thus entering Phase 2. The eggs hatch after yet another 35 seconds, unleashing 3 Mature Spiderlings per egg.

Phase 2Edit

In this phase, Mature Spiderlings will periodically attack the party, which will also have to destroy the eggs laid by the Broodmother.

Upon hatching, the fight will go back to Phase 1 and start over untill the Broodmother lies dead.

VX ModeEdit

Broodmother VX mode is activated by not killing any eggs during Phase 2. This may be really hard but it's worth it.

Broodmother VX Activated

Broodmother VX mode is activated by not killing any eggs during Phase 2.



The broodmother drops four random level 8 magic-rarity items with prefix and suffix on all difficulties.

VX ModeEdit

Broodmother's Web
Broodmother's Web

Broodmother's Mandible


Broodmother's Mandible

Vormur Archmage Signet
Vormur Archmage Signet

Vormur Fighter Signet
Vormur Fighter Signet

Quests involved inEdit

[8] Proving Your Worth